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The Burger List

September 11, 2021

Here's a list of the beef burgers in Bahrain.

1- Black Stripe

Recommended: Signature Black Stripe Burger (no lettuce), Decadent Truffle Burger, Fried Pickles for starters,

2- Sando

The Big Sando: a refined version of the Big Mac. Absolutely delicious.

3- Shake Shack

You can never go wrong with a double shack burger. This remains one of my top burgers to this day. It's juicy; the bun and cheese and patty melt onto each other to create a flavour that will keep you craving for more.

4- Five Guys

5- Griddle

Jan Burger didn't make the list but this charcoal burger from Griddle makes up for it. I call it the Jan Burger 2.0.

6- The Forge

The Flamethrower (it's crispy, it's spicy.. it's GOOD)

7- Ya Salam

8- Curiously Hungry

This burger, cooked up by Bahraini chef and foodie "Curiously Hungry" was one of the best I've had in Bahrain. (Note: these burgers are seasonal so watch her page for the next drop!)

9- Blaze Burgers

The Barbarian (beef patty with melted cheese, egg and crispy bacon) a local leading burger joint which has now branched across the island and over to the UAE.

10- Terminal Burger

If your wanderlust kicks in and your boss (or bank account) won't allow you to leave, head over to Terminal Burger and let their burgers transport you to your favourite city. Each burger is named after a city and the burgers ingredients reflect the flavour of that city. Pretty cool and very tasty!

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